Saturday, 30 October 2010

I wouldn’t lie to you blossom, won’t you let it go...

Photography/styling: Sophie Beer
Model: Peter Johnson

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Daisy chains and school yard games and a list of things we said we'd do tomorrow.

For my current project i've been looking at victorian women and the restrictive clothing they wore. The idea of them feeling trapped and how they were expected to be helpless. Taking this but using an androgynous looking male to create a contrasting look. I wanted the images to portray a sense of fragility and weakness and have the male figure in relaxed poses in contrast with the stern Victorian portraits.

Styling/photography: Sophie Beer
Model: Peter Johnson

…She’s just poison in a beautiful bottle…

Some of my illustrations.

I read poems sometimes. And the warning label on my packet of cigarettes as I light up.

During the summer photographer Pat Pope was kind enough to let us use his studio for an afternoon, here are a few images from the phototshoot we did...

Styling/photography: Sophie James and Sophie Beer
Model: Rory James

Gaga ooo la la

A lady Gaga outfit i created for a friends Gaga themed birthday!

My outfit consisted mainly of studs and spikes.